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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event enables organisations to reach more people, than in-person events or virtual events. Simply because it combines both elements.

The hybrid event enables two types of delegates to attend. Delegates can go to the in-person physical event or they can attend virtually by connecting online. If they attend online they will connect via a web-link and use either their PC, laptop or other device.

The range of  hybrid events is vast and can include any style you want to think of. For example, conferences, product launches and exhibitions are immediate  examples that come to mind. It is important is to understand your reasons for producing a hybrid event. Getting your strategy right is a key consideration.

Key Benefits of Producing a Hybrid Event

Here are some key benefits for organisations considering producing a hybrid event:

Increasing Your Income (Sales)

A hybrid event enables you to go beyond the confines of the physical venue. You can open up dialogue with virtual (remote) delegates. This has to be a good way to start develop future income.

Making Your Event Accessible  

There will be some delegates that wouldn’t have been able to travel to your event. Now they don’t have to as they can join virtually.

Extending Your Engagement

Now you can invite many more people to take part in your event and not just the delegates that make it to the physical venue.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

If sustainability is important to your organisation then hybrid events need be included within your business communications (event) strategy.

Our Belief

At the Hybrid Event Centre we know that hybrid events can make a real difference to the way that organisations can develop and enhance their competitive edge. It is one of the key reasons that we continue to develop our intelligence, insights and experience in this area. Stay tuned to our hybrid event blog.

Looking for Help Producing Your Hybrid Event?

We specialise in helping you produce successful hybrid events. Events that engage all your delegates, whether they are there in person, or virtual attendees.

Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

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