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Planning a hybrid event that involves virtual (remote) delegates as well as those that attend in person at the venue, means that you need to create programmes for both sets of participants. The reason is simple. Not all activities that take place at the venue can be replicated online. For example, when your on site delegates go for their morning refreshment break, what do you want your virtual delegates to do?

If you have never created an online programme for your remote delegates, don’t worry. Here are three quick tips to help get you started.

1. Understand Your Audience

Be sure to understand when your remote audience will be able to devote the biggest part of their time to your event?

For example is it early morning, late afternoon or some other time? Which country or countries will the majority of your virtual delegates be joining from?

The more you understand your online audience the better you will be able to create your programme for them.

2. Build in Spare Time

Are you giving your remote delegates enough time for eating, drinking, comfort breaks and time to reflect on sessions?

Some online programmes are packed full of content which is good. Whilst, there is nothing wrong with this, you will benefit by allowing your virtual delegates enough time for them to be comfortable throughout the programme. No one can watch a livestream for hours without needing a bathroom break.

3. Encourage Interaction

Make sure your virtual delegates can interact with the programme.

Ensure that it is easy for them to send in their comments and questions. Have you ‘walked them through’ all the things they need to know to be able to make the most of the event?

The easier you make it for your remote delegates to become involved the better engagement you will achieve.

Review Your Programme

Once you have created your draft programme, take a critical look at it. Ask yourself, if you were attending online, how engaging is the programme on offer? Be honest and make adjustments as needed. The remote delegate journey is as important as the journey for your in-person delegates.


Looking for Help Producing Your Hybrid Event?

We specialise in helping you produce successful hybrid events. Events that engage all your delegates, whether they are there in person, or virtual attendees.

Get in touch and let’s start a conversation.

The Hybrid Event Centre orchestrates hybrid and virtual events.

Like the conductor of an orchestra, choosing the best instruments to create a perfect melody.

Great events are a synthesis of different influences, which must be harmonised. Allow us to do that for your next event.

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